Testimonial – Flexiseq

Find yourself constantly on the move? Always ticking things off an ever-growing to-do list? Trying to do a million things at once?

Our lives are so hectic these days that it’s unsurprising so many of us fall susceptible to day-to-day stress.

Alice Maisetti, international yoga teacher and the ambassador of Flexiseq CBD, is on a mission to get us all to slow down. Now more than ever she believes it’s important to appreciate what we have, to focus on the positives and to make time for ourselves.

A way to relax (Testimonial)

We live in a world where we’re always on our devices, everything is always right there and available to us immediately. With that comes a level of expectation and heightened stress. Finding the time in all the madness to stop, relax and to focus on yourself if hugely important. This is key to yoga, finding that calm centre within yourself. We have to pause for a second, appreciate what we are experiencing in day to day life and be grateful for the little things we have.

Prior to committing myself to yoga, I was leading quite a busy hectic life in London. I was always clock-watching, waiting for 6 o’clock so I could get home and go to the park with my mates to start practising yoga.

Yoga is a powerful practice to help slow down and unwind. But for many that unwinding, even with yoga, can take time. Time perhaps we don’t always have. This is why, for me, CBD oil can be so useful as a means of relaxation. Yoga is about slowing things down, focusing on you; it allows you to appreciate and enjoy life.

Part of your routine

So many of my clients struggle to relax because of their manic daily routines. In my experience, CBD can help you reach a point of relaxation more effectively.

As was the case with yoga, I started to incorporate CBD into my routine and it’s now become a little ritual for me. It’s always in my wash bag now, wherever I go and because it’s nice and small I can take it everywhere. Each morning, I’ll take a drop of CBD Oil, roll out my mat and do a little yoga. The two combined create a very holistic approach towards battling stress and anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be yoga, it could be reading a book or listening to music, but if you find yourself still on edge, CBD really helps me just to enter that mind frame of relaxing. It’s never too late to change your routine, but routines can be hard to break. So the sooner you start the easier it will be.


Relax through the pain

I’ve been using CBD products for some time now. I started with a CBD-infused cream to treat a pain in my wrist before progressing to CBD oil. The thing with pain is you tend to tense-up. If you are doing something or taking something that can convince you to relax, you’ll relax the muscles where the pain is, which in turn can allow the healing process to be quicker.

I believe CBD products can be part of a holistic approach to looking after your body. This is why there is so much synergy between CBD Oil and yoga because both are about allowing you to relax and encouraging your body to release that tension that naturally builds up.

Nature has the answers

I think people reach for certain things out of habit. If you’ve got a bit of muscle pain or a bit of a headache, we’ve been conditioned to think, “Oh, I’ll take paracetamol” but there are other options; organic options that aren’t going to be harmful to your body. What’s the harm in trying something more natural?

In a world in which people are paying so much more attention to what they are putting into their bodies, be it eating organic, eating less meat or not wanting to put potentially harmful chemicals like ibuprofen into your body, I think CBD oil is a fantastic alternative.

What I love about FlexiSEQ CBD Oil is it is completely organic and has an amazing earthy aroma and flavour. For someone who wants to feel part of the earth, FlexiSEQ CBD evokes exactly that. What’s more, and I know this might sound like a cliche, but as a yoga instructor, my body is my temple. I have to treat it as such and that means using products I know to be safe, natural and organic.

The rise of CBD oil

I’m not surprised at the recent growth in popularity of CBD Oil. This fast-paced world that creates stress also sparks curiosity. We want to educate ourselves on how to live the most fulfilling life possible. We’re more aware of what we eat, what we wear, how we travel.

Finding a natural product that is ethically sourced that can help a range of issues the modern world throws up can only be a good thing. It’s important to choose what works for you. If that’s yoga, running, CBD oil then it’s powerful to have that choice.