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Everyday Relief

When joint pain and stiffness hold you back from doing the things you love, Flexiseq’s unique drug-free action works only where it’s needed to lubricate joints affected by osteoarthritis and joint wear and tear.

For the everyday relief of pain and stiffness that’s as effective as a prescription strength tablet. Get your movement back. Let’s Get Moving.

  • Clinically proven to reduce pain & stiffness and improve joint movement.
  • Drug free and can be used alongside traditional pain medications.
  • Free from systemic side effects associated with painkillers.
  • Just twice daily application and no restrictions on the length of use.
  • Proven to help with the everyday effects of joint wear and tear.
  • Available in two strength formulations to suit the needs of all joint pain sufferers.

“My pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis in hip and knee relieved within a few days. An incredible advancement in the battle to improve quality of life for sufferers.” Maurice K. Adams (read blog here)

SEQ Technology is the revolutionary driving-force powering Flexiseq

Using Seq Technology, Flexiseq delivers key ingredients to where they need to go. Every tube of Flexiseq is packed with microscopic droplets called Sequessome® vesicles. These vesicles have the optimal characteristics for the lubrication of joint cartilage – size, compressibility and hydration.

With Flexiseq the results have been astounding. I can now play a round of golf Chris Woodcock (read blog here)

Join us. Improved joint movement and reduced arthritis pain relief is just a tube of Flexiseq away.

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"Flexiseq has given me my life back. I have suffered from excruciatingly painful and debilitating osteoarthritis in my knees for many years. I’m using it five weeks and virtually all the swelling has gone from my knees, the stiffness has gone, and all the pain has gone. I am now able to walk properly and go up and down stairs and slopes without the need to hang onto anything — for the first time in years" Lynn Fern (read blog here).