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Eleanor Doody

Eleanor Doody, 48, first took up triathlons to aid her mental well-being.

Thanks to FlexiSEQ, she’s still going strong 12 years later...even after a bad knee injury.

I am really pleased with this product someone on holiday recommend it to me as I was struggling with my knee joints. What a difference this gel made to my walking abilities.

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June Rowson

Wait a day or two for the effects to be felt. After a week joint mobility was definitely improved. Not claiming miracles - if you have underlying issues the effect may only be palliative - but that's enough for me!

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FlexiSEQ got me walking and moving normally again and has been a real life enhancer. I've had arthritis in the knee joint for several years and was going through a bad patch where I could hardly walk.

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Septimus Croft

Don't know how it works but this is amazing husband has had chronic knee pain after a judo accident been in pain for year using this has made his pain so much better.

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Angela Barbour

To be honest we wasn't really expecting a big difference so soon. You need to be committed to this product and follow the instructions, twice a day, but it is well worth it.

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K. Cunningham

Have used it for a few years on and off and notice a difference after a few weeks. Big plus is it is drug free. Worth a try if your trying to take fewer medication.

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Margaret Waters

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Richard Shields

Richard Shields, a 51-year-old Royal Mail heavy goods driver thought his active days were over when knee problems and severe pain caused by osteoarthritis limited his mobility.

Thanks to a little help from FlexiSEQ, Richard has discovered a love for running.

I tried FlexiSEQ as a "last resort" thinking that the reports of it were too good to be true. However, after three weeks of treatment I am running again and have virtually no pain at all in my toe.

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John Dallaway

Very pleased with this cream, it does what it says on the box. It's the best cream that I have used, within an hour of applying the cream I was pain free, if I had not tried I just would not believe it would work.

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I had a very painful knee joint which made walking difficult. Could not believe how quickly this worked, relieved pain in a couple of days and I was walking well within a week.

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My thumb joints were at the point where I could no longer unscrew or wring out. Since using FlexiSEQ twice a day they are virtually back to normal - truly amazing.

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Caroline Carter-Frost

This is the best pain relief gel I have ever used. After 4 days my knees are almost pain free and I have not taken paracetamol since I began using the gel and I get a good night's sleep too.

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Have been using this gel for approx 5 weeks and the results are the best of any thing i have used before so I am delighted and hope it continues to be effective. Thanks.

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T. Aitkenhead

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