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Mary Joyce Price - Sleeping Soundly

From knee replacements and breast cancer to Covid-19, 86-year-old Mary Joyce Price has had a lot to contend with in recent years.

Despite her battles on the health front - she’s still waiting for a hip replacement - Mary continues to lead an active life, much to the amazement of her family and friends.

We caught up with Mary’s daughter to learn how Flexiseq has helped her through a tough period…

My mum has always led an active life and continues to be incredibly independent even at the age of 86.

Happy in her retirement, she owns her own flat in a retirement home where she gardens, enjoys day trips with her Probus Club and, until recently, was a member of a wine society. She’s always been very sociable.

Mum’s also a real fighter. She had her knees replaced a while ago, overcame a brush with breast cancer and has been waiting for a hip replacement operation which has been delayed due to Covid-19.

“That Flexiseq is drug-free is a huge benefit. It gives my mum the peace of mind that it is safe to use alongside her daily medications."

She’d been counting down the days when lockdown restrictions were imposed. Just to add insult to injury, she went on to catch Covid, was hospitalised for 10 days and has since developed fibromyalgia as a result. It’s been a frustrating time but she refuses to give up!

Just the other day she had to go to the local surgery for a blood test and managed to get on four buses to get there. She is not one to think, “well I better get a taxi.” She knows there are buses, so she likes to do it her way. She has an amazing spirit and determination.

It was through a friend that Mum heard about Flexiseq; they couldn’t stop raving about it. Being the age she is and with friends in the same boat, they often compare ailments.

The pain she has in her joints was really impacting her ability to sleep well. Thankfully, Flexiseq has made a huge difference.

She uses it on her hips, shoulder, lower back and neck. While things won’t be completely the same until her hip is replaced, she’s now able to get about more, she’s sleeping better and she can get up and move much quicker.

She said to me the other day, “This Flexiseq is amazing but I’m going through it!”. I had to point out that if she was putting it on that many joints that was hardly surprising. Thankfully she has since discovered it comes in 100g sizes so that has helped no end.

That Flexiseq is drug-free is a huge benefit. It gives my mum the peace of mind that it is safe to use alongside her daily medications. She cannot stop telling people about it, it seems she’s converting a lot of people in her home to give it a go as well.

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