#LetsGetMoving - WINNERS – Flexiseq

#LetsGetMoving - WINNERS

Over the past few months, we have been running our #LetsGetMoving campaign. With the help of former Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman we wanted to encourage people to share their stories of how they stay active in spite of their arthritis. As part of this, we offered one lucky person the chance to win a YEAR’S supply of Flexiseq.

We have had some incredible entries in the competition and Len has now chosen the winner as well as three runner-ups. Below are their winning stories as well as Len’s congratulations.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition and please do keep your stories coming in. You can share them with us on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, the most important thing when it comes to arthritis is to stay active.

"Firstly let me say how amazed and inspired I have been by all the #LetsGetMoving stories. I know how important it is to stay active but reading some of these stories made me realise how hard it is and how determined you all are to never give in to arthritis. So thank you for telling your stories and I hope you continue to share more with us. It has been so hard choosing a winner but Jennifer Finn's story about a double hip operation but still doing what she loves and travelling had me smiling from ear to ear... so, for Jennifer it's a TEN from Len and Flexiseq are delighted to be sending a year's supply of Flexiseq your way. Congratulations to everyone who entered and remember, the competition might be over but let's stay moving. We would also like to send the following runners-up a five pack of Flexiseq for your incredible entriesTina Carter, Julie Kenny, and Tim Hodges; All the best, your friend, and now fully inspired to stay active" - Len Goodman

WINNER - Jennifer Finn

Jennifer Finn:

Hi, my name is Jenny Finn and I wrote to you a few weeks ago outlining how much I have benefitted from using Flexiseq over the last few years.
Although I have always tried to stay active I did have a period when this was very much under threat.
Twenty years ago I had to have operations to replace both my hips and in the twelve months before my operation I was in constant pain and could not walk more than a hundred yards. At that time there was no Flexiseq to come to my rescue!
The operations were a complete success and I enjoyed nearly 19 years of largely pain free activity
Then about fifteen months ago, whilst out walking with my dog, she managed to wrap her lead around my legs and brought me crashing to the ground. To avoid squashing my dog I turned to the side and took most of the impact on my right side.
It took some serious physio and stretching along with several tubes of Flexiseq to get me mobile again and to get me back to running my keep moving exercise classes for older people. Without Flexiseq I would simply not have been able to carry on running these classes.
The highlight of the year for me was that in September I was able to celebrate our 48th wedding in Sydney, Australia, and was able to walk to the waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. Memorable!
So I again want to endorse Len’s ‘get moving’ campaign and like him confirm that it is Flexiseq that really has allowed me to keep moving.


Julie Kenny:

I was diagnosed with arthritis last year aged 45. My knees were very painful. I loved walking and yoga but the pain was just so bad. I felt I was loosing my independence as I was getting to the stage where I was afraid to go out alone in case my knees would hurt and I would struggle to get home. I found Flexiseq in my local supermarket and after trying everything …. and I mean everything…vitamins, pain killers, cider vinegar, physiotherapy, meditation, reflexology etc etc. I found relief on my first application but it was after two weeks that I felt like the old me again. I apply Felxiseq twice a day now and walk to my local gym everyday where I do pilates and yoga. Using Flexiseq has helped me get back to the activities I love and also loose weight which again helps my condition. I can certainly say Flexiseq got me moving again! #LetsGetMoving xx


Tina Carter:

We own a guest house, so constantly on the go, especially in the summer. I am trying to lose weight so I have joined Slimming World and have started back at aquasize in the local swimming pool. Now I am not in so much pain from my knees and ankles I will take more walks along the seafront. Just started using Flexiseq and would recommend it to anyone :)

Tim Hodges:

Some twelve weeks ago I visited the doctor to say that I could no longer stand the pain in my knees and back through severe osteo arthritis and the resultant lack of mobility.
He responded by saying that if I could lose some more weight then I could be put on the list for knee replacement.
He also said that he would recommend something that would change my life. This was not on a prescription and was called Flexiseq.
I have used this now for eight weeks and have much increased mobility and also much reduced knee and back pain.
The really good news is that based on my increased physical activity and reduced weight I have now been passed to go on the knee replacement list in the new year.
A really worthwhile suggestion that has had very positive results.#letsgetmoving

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