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Every tube of Flexiseq is packed with billions of tiny, oily droplets called Sequessomes™ - the basic building blocks of which are natural plant oils. After our engineering process, each Sequessome becomes extremely flexible and attractive to water so that it has the optimal characteristics for treating your joints.
Journey to the Joint
Once Flexiseq starts to dry on the skin, the tiny size, hydration and flexibility of Sequessomes allows them to penetrate through the skin and into the joint below.
Lubrication Action
Once inside the joint, Sequessomes suspended in the synovial fluid start to build up on cartilage to create a lubricating layer. Further applications of Flexiseq top up your Sequessome levels to help your joint move more smoothly.
Pain Relief Effect
The result of this unique action is clinically proven pain relief from arthritis, reduction of joint stiffness and improvement of mobility.
Now, Let's Get Moving