Testimonial Tuesday: The Bee's Knees – Flexiseq

Testimonial Tuesday: The Bee's Knees

If you missed our last roundup of testimonials on how Flexiseq has helped the knees, we’ve collected another five reviews for today’s Testimonial Tuesday. Whether you’re a hands-on coach who needs a lot of knee support or you’re no longer to strut your stuff in heels because of arthritis, Flexiseq is the drug-free pain relieving solution.

Kath Chapman

“The gel is working a treat. No more pain and more mobility in my knee and toe, which has stopped me from wearing high heels for years. I did try some heels on recently and I was strutting around Marks and Spencer saying ‘look at this’. Delighted!”

Patricia Fuller

“I’ve recommended it to everybody. I have arthritis all over my body, but it’s worst in my knees. I’ve tried everything... even with cortisone injections the pain wouldn’t really go away, so Flexiseq is marvellous, it really, really is.”

Dawn Baynham-Taylor

"I used to have to wear supports on my knees, I really hated them. But I don't need them anymore, which is brilliant. I really like walking so Flexiseq has made a real difference. It's definitely helped me.”

Rodney Dalzell

“I’m a hands-on coach, so I’d be up and down off my knees three or four hundred times a night in training. I’ve had operations in both knees because of arthritis, so Flexiseq made a huge difference to me. I have a hell of a lot more mobility.”

Mary Gilchrist

“I have just bought my first tube of Flexiseq. I have been using it for three days and can't believe the pain relief I am getting from using it! I have OA in my knee, hip and spine and was feeling very down at not being able to walk very far. I had stopped doing things because of the aches and pains. Now I can start my life pain free and start doing more things.”

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