Testimonial Tuesday: One-Off Injuries – Flexiseq

Testimonial Tuesday: One-Off Injuries

Flexiseq doesn’t just help people with long term osteoarthritis. Sometimes injuries or overexertion on the sports field can cause joint wear and tear. For today’s Testimonial Tuesday we’ve collected four reviews where Flexiseq has been a successful solution for those random moments of suffering!

1. Daniel Crome

“I used Flexiseq on a dead leg last night and this morning before running the Hackney half marathon - seemed to really help even though it's not it's prime purpose. Thanks!”

2. Anonymous

“Andrea Porter told me about flexiseq. I used it after a compound fracture and dislocated shoulder .This stuff worked wonders. I now use it on my feet before playing golf and I am pain free. I have also used it on my dog for her painful legs she is up and running like a puppy again. No more visits to doctor or vet..”

3. Ken Brooks

"My knees were all but destroyed. I was in a motorbike accident when I was a teenager. Flexiseq has changed my life for the better. If you can avoid it, don't have surgery. Use Flexiseq.”

4. Ms M Turner

“I have osteoarthritis in my ankle from a bad break and walk very slowly with a bad limp. Every night just as I am about to fall asleep the bones in my ankle click and I have a shooting pain - the click is so loud my partner can hear it. Since using Flexiseq I do not have that click in my ankle anymore, so I am sleeping better and don't get the shooting pain. You do have to wait for the gel to dry, it does not work until it has dried and as advised in other reviews I have used the hairdryer to speed up the drying. My walking is improving and getting faster. So I am very happy.”

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