Testimonial Tuesday: Myrna Peeters – Flexiseq

Testimonial Tuesday: Myrna Peeters

Myrna Peeters fell back in love with knitting after Flexiseq soothed her aching hands and fingers. Following on from the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia earlier this month we thought it only fitting to use Myrna Peeters’ experience with Flexiseq for today’s Testimonial Tuesday.

Myrna first noticed her arthritis kicking in when practising to become a masseuse proved too painful for her hands, in particular thumbs. Myrna states that “the pain started getting worse and worse and worse. [She] could tell [she’d] lost strength in [her] hands… for example opening a jar, peeling potatoes or lifting things, would leave a sharp, shooting pain through [her] hand.”

Flexiseq first fell into Myrna’s possession when recommended by her eldest daughter. Despite being sceptical about its effectiveness, after a week or two of applying the gel, Myrna started to see a significant difference. She explains that “in an awful way you get used to the pain and over a few days [she] realised it wasn’t there as much. Now [she] doesn’t need to take so many knitting breaks”.

Aside from using Flexiseq, Myrna’s advice for joint pain revolves completely around stretching. She explains that “if you don’t move your hands and they’re in pain you’ll seize up”. Myrna believes in keeping moving, little and often; knitting and walking her dog make this possible and offer just the right amount of exercise to prevent her hands from seizing up.

Look out for our next blog post to follow, sharing our top five hand exercises to help ease arthritis pain.

To read Myrna’s full Q&A click here.

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