Testimonial Tuesday: Carole Ellis – Flexiseq

Testimonial Tuesday: Carole Ellis

When Carole Ellis found herself having to crawl up the stairs because her arthritic knees were causing her so much pain, she knew she had to find a solution. Having put her lunchtime walks and stretches on hold after other medications proved unsuccessful, Carole suddenly came across our drug-free gel. Read on to hear Carole’s Flexiseq story...

I am…

50 years old and work as an administrator processing quotes and orders.  

I stay active by…

walking for half an hour 5 days a week, and doing gentle stretching exercises each day.

My arthritic knee pain impacted my life because…

I found it very painful walking up stairs. Although my knees were not hurting much whilst I walked, the more exercise and walking I did, the more my knees hurt walking up stairs. I found myself having to hold onto the handrail to pull myself up, and sometimes I had to go on hands and knees. I then stopped my lunchtime walks and stretches to see if that would help with the pain.

I first heard about Flexiseq when…

I searched on the internet for another method to help with knee pain. I’d tried a variety of over-the-counter medications, knee exercises and using an exercise bike to strengthen my knees, all of which either did not help or made my knee pain worse. I didn't want to go down the route of having strong tablets from the doctors so I’d added extra omega 3 through my diet - and that's when I came across an article on Flexiseq.  

I first noticed the effect of Flexiseq…

after four days. The area of pain was getting smaller and smaller, and then it disappeared. I no longer experienced pain when taking the stairs. I have been using the gel for two weeks and I can now walk up the stairs without any pain, have started my lunchtime walks again and will soon be adding my stretches in too. Flexiseq is also good for menopausal women who suffer joint pain.

I am so impressed that I am now spreading the word of this life changing product. I have bought my son some to try as he has suffered for years with his back, and I’ve also recommended to colleagues who suffer with joint pain.

This gel really is life-changing.

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If you’re struggling with arthritis aches and pains like Carole, give Flexiseq a try HERE.

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