Mary Bryne - "God bless the person who invented Flexiseq!"

Mary Bryne - "God bless the person who invented Flexiseq!"

I have arthritis in both knees. And in my left knee I have very little cartilage left. To be honest, when I was first told about this product called Flexiseq, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t think it would actually work.

I was in pantomime over Christmas and New Year and it was here I really started using Flexiseq on a regular basis, twice daily, morning and night time. I started using Flexiseq on my arthritic left knee and actually got through all of my performances with very little pain. I was so relieved and quite shocked to be honest because it was becoming a huge problem for me. On the right knee I have been using Flexiseq for over a year and a half and it has been working really well. I have to say, I’m now a complete convert - it’s making performances manageable and means I’m able to be active and exercise. Before it was simply too hard.

Now that I’m able to walk and exercise I have lost 4 stone. This just wasn’t possible before using Flexiseq. I mean, I still have another 4 stone to go, but it’s just so empowering and liberating to get active and to see genuine progress. One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t interfere with any other drugs or tablets I‘m taking because it’s drug free. It has been a hugely liberating experience and a bit of a relief; if I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would ever find something like this. I thought I would have to accept being in pain forever, but now, because of Flexiseq, I don’t.

I really found the benefit during pantomime season and what can be a gruelling schedule. I moved to using it twice daily - in the morning and evening - and that’s when I really started to see the impact of the product. While the schedule was demanding, I wasn’t paralysed by pain anymore and I could enjoy my job.

I was so impressed I even started using it on my wrists and shoulders, where I have rheumatoid arthritis and Flexiseq has even helped ease the daily aches and pains of that - which has helped me get more active and given me even more of a sense of freedom.

The journey I have been on with Flexiseq fills me with a great feeling. I was overweight, not active and I couldn’t really walk around - it was a vicious cycle. When I started using it properly and frequently, I immediately started to get my mobility back. The weight then started to come down, which meant I started to feel better both mentally and physically. I don’t want to say it is a miracle, but it has given me the opportunity to enjoy and experience life, and being able to move more. That was my goal and Flexiseq has helped me achieve that.

It’s so satisfying to believe in a product that genuinely helps. I feel that so deeply because I really needed the help. I was at my wits end. It’s changed my life. I can now live freely. Before I was experiencing the type of regular aches and pains that can send you a little mad, plus I had a strap on my knee which was causing other aches, pains and problems in other areas. I don’t need that now on short walks. Liberating is most definitely the word to use. It has been a huge relief because, as I said, I thought I would face the rest of my life managing aches & pains when I desperately wanted to get active and lose weight.

 God bless the person who invented Flexiseq.

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