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Margaret - No Longer Screaming In Pain

Margaret spent her career as a headmaster’s secretary, working hard behind the scenes to ensure the school kept running smoothly. But having lived with numerous forms of joint pain for many years, a new one looked like it was too much to bear.

This is Margaret’s story….

I loved working as a headmaster’s secretary at a boarding school for 27 years. My role was to essentially run everything, from the day-to-day stuff in the school to travel for the students, I even had some of the kids stay with me when they had nowhere else to go. It was a fabulous job.

It was a very active job, running all over the place making sure all was going as it should. I’ve always been quite active. I used to ride horses; as a child I would ride all over the moors, it was delightful. When I lived in London I used to walk around the city a lot. I used to have dogs that I would walk. These days I can’t do all those things but I love to play bridge. I'm a very positive person.

Many years ago I fell off my horse, and that was the start of my joint pain - but to be honest I think I was always destined to have it. Arthritis runs in my family and I had it in both knees and both hips. I had the first joint replaced in 2007 and then the last one done four years ago so it’s been quite a long journey for me. I will say this: all those joint replacement surgeries were not nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be. It’s all about focusing on the positives at the end of it all.

“I was very, very sceptical about FlexiSEQ, especially given my track record of never finding pain remedies that help me.."


I’ve always had one leg longer than the other and when I had the last operation I asked the surgeon if he could balance me out a bit - you know, use a spirit level! He said he’d added about a centimetre. In hindsight, I wonder if that was the start of other issues.

I started to get this awful pain in my foot. It was so bad I screamed every time I would get into the car, which is not ideal when you’re in a supermarket car park and people are giving you funny looks. But I couldn’t help it; it hurt so much it was an involuntary scream.

I’m not someone who really goes to see doctors, I have to be falling off my perch for me to think I really need to. To make matters worse, traditional painkillers don’t seem to work on me. Ibuprofen and paracetamol have no effect on me, my daughter says she is the same. So when I’m in pain I have to find a way to get on with it.

I went to see an orthopaedic consultant about the pain in my foot as it was becoming quite an imposition. She was a friend of my daughter and she mentioned FlexiSEQ to me. She told me it really seems to work for those who try it. I was very, very sceptical about this, especially given my track record of never finding pain remedies that help me.

But I started using it as the pack instructed for a good two weeks, and wouldn’t you believe it, it worked! My foot stopped hurting, I was truly gobsmacked. I was suddenly pain-free in my foot, although I have to be honest the pain is returning a bit so I clearly need to go out and buy some more FlexiSEQ. It’s even helped me not have to scream when I get into the car, which is a huge blessing, not just to me but to anyone who has ever been around when I used to do it!

I’m overjoyed with the results I’ve seen with FlexiSEQ. I’ve told anyone who will listen who tells me about joint pain they’re experiencing to give it a try.

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