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Leela Thayanithy - Resilience Is The Key

Leela Thayanithy is a 73 year old retired nurse. Having spent an incredible 41 years working in the NHS Leela was looking forward to an active retirement. However, joint pain had other ideas.

This is Leela’s story…

I've dedicated over four decades of my life to working as an NHS nurse, primarily in cancer care and orthopaedics. Retiring from that busy, fulfilling career hasn't slowed me down; now, I keep active with gym classes and looking after my five grandchildren.

Joint pain became a constant companion after my retirement in 2011. All those years on my feet had taken their toll; all that hustling through hospital corridors, caring for patients day in and day out. The pain got worse after my knee replacement in 2010. The left knee surgery went really well, allowing me to return to the gym within just five months. However, the right knee, compensating for the left, started to hurt more. It's been a struggle, but I refuse to let it dictate what I can and cannot do.

Managing the pain has been an ongoing battle. Retiring was supposed to bring relief, but instead it just created new challenges. I tried numerous remedies, from creams to painkillers, but none offered lasting comfort. It was a constant struggle, trying to stay active while grappling with the pain - because it’s when you stop being active that things can deteriorate further. Resilience is key. There were moments when pain made even the most simple of tasks daunting. But giving up was never an option. As a nurse, I've always believed in the power of staying active, especially when faced with joint pain. It's about finding a balance between managing the discomfort and keeping moving.

“That decision to try FlexiSEQ was a turning point. Since August, it's been a staple in my daily routine, and I apply it twice daily. The results have been remarkable. "

Leela Thayanithy

Then, one day, I stumbled upon FlexiSEQ at Boots: a chance encounter that completely changed my life. That decision to try FlexiSEQ was a turning point. Since August, it's been a staple in my daily routine, and I apply it twice daily. The results have been remarkable. Before FlexiSEQ, even my routine gym sessions had become an ordeal. But now the pain has vanished, allowing me to walk more easily and move more freely, while my stiffness has reduced dramatically. The way it has eased my discomfort is almost magical.

As a healthcare professional, the fact that FlexiSEQ is drug-free was a significant selling point for me. I'm meticulous about what enters my body, and always cautious about any potential side effects or interactions. FlexiSEQ's drug-free formula aligned perfectly with my health-conscious approach.

Would I recommend FlexiSEQ? Without a doubt, because I've experienced its effectiveness firsthand. One of my sister-in-laws came over from Trinidad and she was having some pain. I asked her to try my FlexiSEQ and the next day she went and bought two tubes! When something genuinely works and makes a difference in your life, you naturally want to share that knowledge.


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