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Judith Dixon - Saying Goodbye To Crunching Joints

Judith Dixon was a practice nurse from the tender age of just 16 years old. Now 72 she’s always lived an active life despite having been diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 30.

But recently her arthritis had stopped her doing the things she loved.

This is Judith’s story…

I’ve had osteoarthritis in my knee since I was 30, so I’ve had it for 42 years but all my recent joint pains have been exacerbated by accidents.

Just before Christmas I was cleaning my bathroom and, being the silly beggar I am, I put some soap on the floor and slipped on it. My left leg, from my knee downwards, went to the right and my knee went to the left. I thought I was fine but a few weeks later my knee started swelling which forced me into hospital. It turned out I had an episode of something called pseudogout which is triggered by a calcium disorder. It’s very painful. They told me I really needed knee replacement. Unfortunately, they are not taking any new additions to the joint replacement list at the moment.  

Then I was exercising and something slipped in my right knee. I couldn’t walk properly and couldn’t get to a doctor. A few days later I was going up the stairs and felt like there was an explosion in the knee. My leg swelled up and it was back to urgent care.  

They took an X-ray and both knees were in very poor condition. It turns out I’d sprained a ligament. I went to see a private physio who said I had partially dislocated my knee cap. Little things like going up and down stairs were agony. I could feel the knee joints clicking away, they’re so painful. It makes me feel like an old woman.

“Every morning I get up, I make a brew and I go back to bed to put my FlexiSEQ on. Then I leave it to dry while I have my cup of tea. I have to say, within half an hour the pain subsides."

Judith Dixon

As a result of the injuries, I couldn’t do things with my grandchildren and my daughter had to shift things around to get child care because usually I was able to do it.

That’s when FlexiSEQ came to my rescue. A friend of mine’s husband, who is an NHS microbiologist, recommended the gel for my arthritis. I was extremely sceptical about, but I have to admit, it’s working!

Every morning I get up, I make a brew and I go back to bed to put my FlexiSEQ on. Then I leave it to dry while I have my cup of tea. I have to say, within half an hour the pain subsides.

I love to keep active and go to seated exercise, which is actually run by my daughter. She calls us her advanced class and it certainly feels it. I actually went this morning and there was no crunching in my knee. I’ve even managed to cut back on the ibuprofen gel, which is good because I’m not really supposed to use things like that because I have stomach issues.

I’ve been recommending it to people all over the place since I started using it. This morning I was talking to a woman at seated yoga, she mentioned that she had osteoarthritis so I told her that I use FlexiSEQ and she’s going to give it a go.

Most of us living with this pain will try anything. As a former nurse, I can’t endorse the ibuprofen gel. Even though you only absorb about 6% of it there’s still a risk to your stomach. In contrast, FlexiSEQ is drug-free, so I know I’m in good hands.

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