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Tips To Getting Walking With Arthritis

When you’re living with arthritis it’s important to keep your joints moving. We know this isn’t always easy and sometimes being told to get up and move all the time can get pretty tiring, but no matter how hard it might be, getting your joints moving can really help with the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.

By keeping active you’ll have a greater range of motion and allow more of the body’s natural lubricant to flow around your joints, which will then improve movement even more! When circulation starts flowing it also helps to clear your joints of the debris and old fluids that make it hard to move about.

There are lots of exercises that are great for arthritis but it’s important to focus on low-impact exercise that will build up strength and range of movement without putting too much strain on your joints. So what’s the best option? It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free… it’s walking!

Make Time

Exercising when you’re living with arthritis can feel a bit daunting, but that’s why walking is such a great option. We all walk around in our day to day life, the next step is to just go a little further. Setting aside some time each day to go on a walk can make such a difference to your joints and won’t wear you out too much.

Plan Ahead

But if you’re still feeling a bit apprehensive about getting out there and getting moving, there are loads of things you can do to feel more confident when you go out walking. Investing in a good pair of shoes and maybe even a hiking stick will help you feel more steady on your feet. If you’re worried about whether your joints will be able to handle a longer walk, planning your route can set your mind at ease. You could even start with short easy walks and work towards longer routes as your confidence grows.

A Little Help From Friends

The best way to beat any nervousness or reluctance to get moving is to join a walking group. When you join a group your walks will feel like less of a chore and more like a social event. When you’re walking and talking the time will fly and you won’t even notice that you’re exercising. Another plus of walking with a group is that it gives you a great support system. You’ll meet others in similar situations to you and on the days when you’re really not in the mood to get moving, they’ll be there to motivate and support you.

Set Goals

It’s summer, and after all, what could be nicer than enjoying the warmer months outside on a walk with your friends. Whether you’re in a city or the countryside there are loads of great walks you can do to take in the sights and soak up some sun, all while getting the key nutrients flowing around your joints.

If you’re walking with a group we’ve got one more way to make it interesting. Setting personal goals is a great idea, but why not have a little contest with your friends. Whether it’s seeing who can walk the furthest, the fastest or the most regularly, setting a group goal, maybe even with a prize for the winner, can keep your weekly work out exciting and help you stay motivated to keep moving.

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