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7 Arthritis Blogs We Can’t Stop Reading

When you’re living with arthritis it’s always nice to know you have plenty of supportive friends and family to lend a helping hand. But sometimes you might feel like you want the support of someone who really knows what it’s like living with arthritis.

The NHS reports that around 10 million people in the UK have some form of arthritis, so there’s never any need for you to face it alone.

We’ve selected seven of our favourite arthritis blogs where you’ll find people sharing their experiences, trading tips and hacks and altogether offering a great support system for anyone living with arthritis.

Simon Stones

Simon Stones’ blog discusses the importance of supporting young people with long term conditions, such as arthritis. Simon, who is in his 20s, has been living with arthritis since childhood. It’s his own experience with invisible illnesses that have inspired him to be such an active advocate for others living with similar conditions. His blog is a great place to read positive and helpful content and to get involved with the research being conducted into arthritis.

Beating Osteoarthritis

Written by Paul Heseltine, this blog offers handy tips and tricks for living with arthritis. Paul was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in 2011, which took a serious toll on his career as a decorator. Over the years, through a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, he has found ways to manage his arthritis; he shares his alternative methods via short, snappy posts.

Arthritis Digest:

This blog has loads of content covering new research about osteoarthritis. There’s a great mix in there, including new studies about different exercises and foods that can help those living with arthritis, as well as true stories from their readers.

Chronic Eileen

Eileen Davidson has three different types of arthritis and she’s an ambassador for The Arthritis Society in Canada, so she really knows her stuff. You’ll find detailed explanations of the various different types of arthritis along with Eileen’s open, honest posts about her experiences living with these chronic conditions. We’d highly recommend one of her latest posts about her goals for 2019.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain

We’d recommend this site for anyone looking for a good combination of research and real-life stories. Featuring loads of posts from experts, Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain publishes research about the effects of the weather on symptoms of osteoarthritis. Their blog frequently features posts from guest writers sharing their stories of living with arthritis and other chronic conditions and offers readers the opportunity to get involved with their research.

Cooking with Arthur

Kate Lawson’s arthritis cooking blog is fantastic if you want to stay healthy and active in the kitchen. Kate was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at the age of 26 as well as having osteoarthritis in her lower back, but living with these conditions has never affected her love of cooking. Now she combines her passion for food with helping others to tackle the challenges of ‘cooking with arthur’. Here you can read and share recipes, find out which ingredients help your symptoms and discover handy hints that make cooking with arthritis easier.

Pollyanna Penguin’s RA Blog

Although Pollyanna mostly writes about her rheumatoid arthritis, this blog has loads of good tips and tricks for those living with any type of arthritis. Polly updates her readers with honest accounts of her day-to-day life with her condition. On top of all the helpful advice you can find, Polly offers a positive and upbeat approach to living with arthritis by taking each day as it comes and looking on the bright side.

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