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5 Simple Hand Exercises

Our last Testimonial Tuesday featured Myrna Peeters talking all about how arthritis affected her passion for knitting until Flexiseq came along. Alongside our drug-free gel, Myrna’s advice for joint pain involves stretching; following on from her advice, here are 5 simple hand exercises to ease arthritis pain:

1. Finger bends

With one hand, begin by bending your thumb in towards your palm, holding for a few seconds before stretching back out. Proceed to repeat this for each finger, then doing the same sequence with each finger on the second hand.

2. Make a fist

Hold one hand out with all the fingers straight. Proceed to slowly bend your hand into a fist, placing your thumb on the outside of your hand. Be cautious not to squeeze too tight, just a gentle fist. Open your hand again and re-straighten your fingers. Repeat this 10 times on one hand and then 10 times on the next.

3. Make an O

From having your fingers straight, curl all fingers inwards until they touch and replicate the shape of an “O”. Hold the “O” for a few seconds before releasing and straightening fingers again. Repeat a few times before doing the same on the alternative hand. Again this is an easy exercise that can be done whenever hands feel achy and stiff.

4. Wrist stretch

Fingers aren’t the only parts of the hand that start to get stiff...don’t forget about your wrists! Start by holding out your palm facing down; with your left hand, gently press down on the right hand until you feel a stretch in your wrist and arm. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat 10 times. Complete this sequence on the opposite hand.

5. Finger raises

Place one hand, palm down, on a flat surface. Starting with your thumb, slowly lift each finger off the table one at a time. Hold each finger for a few seconds before lowering. Do this action for each finger and as always, repeat the the sequence on your other hand.

Of course if you do find you have arthritic hands or just stiff hands then give Flexiseq a try. It can offer lasting care for joint wear and tear.

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