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FlexiSEQ’s New Look - FAQs

As you may have noticed, FlexiSEQ has had a makeover.

In addition to changing our logo and the look and feel of our website, we’ve also updated the product names of our two gels.

From now on Flexiseq Osteoarthritis will be known as FlexiSEQ Max Strength (for Osteoarthritis) while Flexiseq Active will go by FlexiSEQ (for Joint Wear and Tear).

We’re incredibly proud of our innovative lubricating action and the fact SEQ Tech has established us as a market leader in drug-free joint pain relief.

So rest assured, while the names have changed and the packaging has a fresh look, the ingredients inside our gels remain and work exactly the same as always!

Since we came to market a decade ago, we’ve empowered thousands of people all around the world to say yes to the things they love. Along the way, we’ve cultivated an amazing community who continues to inspire us every day.

Of course, whenever a brand decides to make changes, it’s only natural that long-standing customers have a few questions. With that in mind, we’re here to try and answer them as best as we can.

If you have a question that isn’t answered below, you can either contact us on our social channels or drop us an email at enquiries@flexiseq.com

Why have the names of FlexiSEQ products changed?

Having spoken to and listened to our customers we understood there was confusion around our two products and how they helped people with differing levels of joint pain.

FlexiSEQ (for Joint Wear & Tear) - formerly FlexiSEQ Active - is for those that have on-going joint pain that is not as severe as osteoarthritis but continues to be painful and causing discomfort. For many people this often prevents them doing what they love but with a bit of FlexiSEQ (for Joint Wear & Tear) our hope is to encourage more people to better understand the purpose of this product.

FlexiSEQ Max Strength (For Osteoarthritis) is our strongest formulation, designed and clinically proven to help ease the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis. The name of this product has only slight changed from its previous name of FlexiSEQ Osteoarthritis. The reason for this is to highlight that this is the strongest FlexiSEQ we offer so if you need something stronger to help ease your joint pain this is the product for you.

Which is the right FlexiSEQ product for you?

All FlexiSEQ products contain Sequessome vesicles (SEQ Tech) – the tiny lipid spheres that pass through the skin when the gel is applied topically. Fully concentrated FlexiSEQ Max Strength (for Osteoarthritis) is clinically proven for the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis and is the gold standard product we offer. Patients seeking maximum strength treatment for their condition should choose this formulation.

FlexiSEQ (for Joint Wear & Tear) contains a lower concentration of Sequessome vesicles (SEQ Tech) and is suitable for the daily needs of active people whose joints suffer from wear and tear.

Both products offer a drug-free alternative for the treatment of joint pain and stiffness which means patients can avoid drug-based side effects that can be caused by traditional painkillers such as diclofenac and ibuprofen. In addition, FlexiSEQ products can be used alongside medications without interference, and by patients with other conditions (co-morbidities) without exacerbating their other conditions.

Will the prices stay the same?

At this time the RRP of our products are to remain the same. You can visit our store on Amazon to purchase or visit our Stockist Page to compare the prices of our products at our retail partners. We run promotions throughout the year, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best deal.

Is my pharmacist aware of the changes?

All our retail partners and pharmacist stockists have been notified of our packaging and product name changes. If you need help locating us on the shelves of your local store or want advice on how best to use our products, they will be happy to assist.

Why is there still old looking FlexiSEQ next to new look FlexiSEQ on the shelves or online?

In some cases, you may find products with ‘old’ packaging being sold next to ‘new’ both in-store and online. This is because our retail partners buy in bulk and are working their way through existing stock. Rest assured, any FlexiSEQ available to purchase will be well within the recommended use-by dates.

Can I still buy FlexiSEQ where I used to purchase from?

Absolutely, FlexiSEQ will be available to buy in all the usual places including Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds, Tesco, Amazon, Ocado and ebay. For more information on where you can buy FlexiSEQ head to our Stockist Page.

Why is my 50g tube of FlexiSEQ now smaller than it was previously?

Well observed. The answer to this is that our 50g variety of Flexiseq Osteoarthritis and Flexiseq Active used to be packed in 60g tube sizes - they were then weighed at factory level to ensure they contained the correct weight of 50g of Flexiseq. This is often why you might have felt that there was excess air or that the previous tubes were not ‘full’.

Our new FlexiSEQ Max Strength and FlexiSEQ For Joint Wear & Tear 50g tubes are the correct size, meaning there is exactly 50g of Flexiseq in a 50g size tube. You’re still getting the same amount of FlexiSEQ but the tube will now be filled correctly.

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